YWAM International

From the beginnings in the sixties with a hand full of co-workers and solely evangelistic programmes we have grown to a mission movement with 18.000 workers in 3 branches: Evangelism, Training and Mercy Ministries. Still, our main focus is to excite young people for a life with Jesus and His Great Commission, in accordance with our motto: „To know God and to make Him known.“ On the other hand God called us more and more in the last 30 years „into the breadth“ and to a wholistic approach of preaching the Gospel which covers all spheres of life and society:

  • to proclaim a two-sided Gospel, not only to preach but also to try to help all of humanity: through Mercy Ministries.
  • to train Christians for an involvement in 7 areas of society: through the U of N, our university.
  • to offer also for children, youth and families opportunities to get involved for the good news of Jesus: through Kings Kids, Family Ministries, etc.
  • to start iniatives for reconciliation and justice (e.g. between Christians and Moslems, against human trafficking, schools).
  • And again and again: His call to focus on people groups unreached by the Gospel. In order to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus, various YWAM initiatives have been installed (4K, Adopt-A-People, or the Red Sea Covenant, etc.), often in cooperation with other Christian organizations. Our main mandate is Mark 16,15: „Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creatures.“

YWAM is called to work interdenominationally, internationally, according to the specific culture and situation of each nation – and to work in decentralized ministries. Therefore, our international work is marked by a huge diversity, as different as the 180 nations in which we are working. Meanwhile, 43% of all YWAMers come from 140 non-western nations. Consequently, our ministry spectrum comprises an involvement for Indians of the remote Amazon Jungle, shelter for children of prostitutes in India, rebuilding cycloon-destroyed houses in Burma, starting businesses in Near East and Asian countries, community development in western Africa, South America and Asia, church planting among „unreached“ people groups in Asia, a media safari in southern Asia, Christian preschools (Mozambique, Romania, Ukraine), Christian schools for poor children (Columbia, Argentina, Philippines), helping with the restoration of destroyed nations in different areas of society (Cambodia, Ruanda), networking for the unity of the Christians in Germany or initiatives in the area of societial reformation in Europe.

Due to the growing demands for professional education of young Christians, our University of the Nations was founded in 1978 in Kona, Hawaii, where the main campus is located. Originally created mainly for students from Pacific-Asian countries, it also tries to enable Christians from developing countries to further academic studies. Meanwhile 300 different  U of N courses are running in 100 languages and 550 YWAM bases across the world. The  U of N  aims to train Christians for involvement in 7 different areas of society (Arts and Sports, Science and Technology, Communications, Education, Health Care and Counseling, Humanities and Politics, and Christian Ministries)  www.uofn.edu

The requirement for further studies, the Discipleship Training School, is offered in over 200 YWAM locations. Each year attend 10.000 mostly young, but also Christians over 30 years and those in the working environment this course.

YWAMs Transnational Ministries include Kings Kids, Mission Adventures, Family Ministries  (JMEM-Familiendienst.de) and Slavic Ministries. International Sports Ministries (like „Team Xtreme International“) proclaim the Gospel with an aim to reaching especially „secularized“ youth and adults presenting them alternatives for a meanigful life in freedom, without drugs and other bondages. Create International are proclaiming the good news through modern media like movies, music, and audio-visual means among peoples in Asia in their own language. Mission Builders International are helping with building projects of Christian ministries and missionaries   Mission Builder 

YWAM’s Mercy Ministries began in 1979 with both the purchase of the mercy ship „Anastasis“ and the work in the refugee camps of Thailand. Today, we help to meet the practical and physical needs of a million people annually and work in around 100 nations: e.g. through street-kids ministries and rehabilitation programmes in Africa, Latin America and Asia (day and drop-in centers in Belo Horizonte www.bhcentro.jocum.org.br  and the Philippines), various help for children and youth at risk, orphanages (numerous African countries), food and shelter for needy refugees and women in Asia and Africa, help for drug addicts in North America and western Europe, AIDS care in many countries, drop-out help for prostitutes, medical help and prevention in African and Asian nations, agricultural projects in Latin America, and start of micro-enterprises (e.g. Thailand). A growing network of YWAMers has developed over the past few years that works to stop human trafficking and other structures of injustice, e.g. in Northern Africa or South Africa. Meanwhile, there are many YWAM schools offered with that emphasis  www.ywam-mercy.org

YWAM’s ship ministry Marine Reach is bringing humanitaran aid and medical supply into developing countries. It is currently active with 4 ships in the Mediterrean Sea, the South Pacific, Amazon and the Carribean Sea  www.marinereachministries.com. Its ministry branch, Mercy Trucks, brings aid and relief goods and medical aid over land, e.g. in the Ukraine, Haiti and Guinea-Bissau   Mercy Trucks

Rapid disaster response teams have also developed in YWAM and were able to respond and to help after earthquakes in Pakistan, New York City (9/11), New Orleans, Indonesia, Central America, Samoa and Haiti.

After 50 years we still want to make God known mainly among young people, but also to every person on earth, and with Gods offering of reconciliation (2 Cor 5,19.20) = To get to know God and to have a relationship with Him.

You may obtain more information about us through our international website www.org or over each YWAM base. European office: www.ywameurope.org

Update: December 2012, YWAM Hurlach