The Foundational Values of Youth With A Mission

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) affirms that the Bible is the authoritative word of God and, with the Holy Spirit's inspiration, the absolute reference point for every aspect of life and ministry. Based upon God's word, who He is, and His initiative of salvation, the following responses are strongly emphasized in YWAM:

  • Worship: We are called to praise and worship God alone
  • Holiness: We are called to lead holy and righteous lives that exemplify the nature and character of God
  • Witness: We are called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him
  • Prayer: We are called to engage in intercessory prayer for the people and causes on God's heart, including standing against evil in every form
  • Fellowship: We are called to commit to the Church in both its local nurturing expression and its mobile multiplying expression.

The Foundational Values of Youth With A Mission are the expression of our basic beliefs coupled with specific directives given by God since YWAM's beginning in 1960. They are recorded here in order to pass on to successive generations that which God has emphasized to us. These shared beliefs and values are the guiding principles for both the past and future growth of our mission. Some are common to all Christians everywhere; others are distinctive to Youth With A Mission. The combination of these beliefs and values make up the unique family characteristics of YWAM - our "DNA." They are values we hold in high regard which determine who we are, how we live and how we make decisions.

  1. Know God
  2. Make God known
  3. Hear God’s Voice
  4. Practice Worship and Intercessory Prayer
  5. Be visionary
  6. Champion young People
  7. Be broad structured and decentralized
  8. Be international and interdenominational
  9. Have a biblical Worldview
  10. Function in Teams
  11. Exhibit servant Leadership
  12. Do first, then teach
  13. Be relationship oriented
  14. Value the individual
  15. Value Families
  16. Practice Dependance on God for Finances
  17. Practice Hospitality
  18. Communicate With Integrity

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