Our YWAM family consists of six training facilities with different emphases and various possibilities for training. We also offer ministries in the area of children and youth work, evangelism and counselling in various German cities.
The training facilities that are registered as an incorporated association are located in the states of Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein.
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Our YWAM family consists of eight training facilities with different emphases and various possibilities for training. We also offer ministries in the area of children and youth work, evangelism and counselling in various German cities.

YWAM Nuremberg / Bavaria



YWAM Nuremberg was launched in 2014 and is still in the pioneering phase. We are a community passionate to see a generation of artists and missionaries mobilized and empowered to reshape the world around them and fulfil the Great Commission. 



Arts & Missions

Through seminars, training programs, and the Wonderland Creative Studios we are developing artists and giving ministries platform to grow and develop.
Through Wonderland Creative Studios we want to find how creative skill and passion can transform the world around us. It is a home to foster unspoken dreams and mobilize a movement to see arts re-shape the future of ‘world missions’. Wonderland Creative Studios exists to develop artists and support them in impacting and changing the world they live in.

MOTA DTS NurembergMobilize

The Marriage of the Arts DTS is an opportunity for artists to step into the Great Commission in a new way. We desire to see a movement of young artists going into the nations with a passion for Jesus and excellent art.

Reaching the unreached

We go where no one else will go. To nations and tribes in the so called 10/40 window as well as to sub-cultures and people groups on the margins of the mainstream (e.g. artists, gamers,...). This finds its expression amongst others in our local red light ministry KALEO, as well as in the arts ministry Pick a Pocket.

Our Team

We are a community of about 40 staff. In the urban setting of Nuremberg we do not run a classic base, but live in apartments throughout the city. Wonderland Creative Studios is the hub of our community. 


Youth with a Mission Nuremberg
Pillenreutherstraße 13
90459 Nürnberg
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YWAM Reformation Centre Erfurt

pano erfurt cathedral
In 2012 a small team of pioneers moved to Erfurt to establish a new YWAM work. We might not be big in numbers, but to dream big is no big deal within our group. However, most of all we want to serve wherever we can, and also provide a platform for those who are called to work in and out of Germany.


team in erfurt lowOur Vision

We focus on Mercy Ministries, bringing hope to the hopeless; Evangelism, in reaching out locally, nationally and internationally; and Training, by equipping people from all nations to be transformed and to be able to transform and reform every aspect of the world's society.
We want to allow God to renew our heart, mind, and soul on a daily basis.


About The City

Erfurt, as well as the wider area, is full of history. The settlement was first mentioned in 742 AD by Saint Boniface. Throughout history many nation changers lived in and around Erfurt. Some of the probably best known are Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach. But also in recent times musicians and athletes got attention and were celebrated in national and international events.

Erfurt is a cyclist friendly, very creative and artsy city, and offers University degrees in a lot of different areas. In many ways the city is modern and at the same time has maintained its medieval city centre, many historic sights, and is proud of its history.

pano erfurt citadelle 


You are interested in missions, training with YWAM, sending a team, joining short term or long term, or you simply want to come and visit? Please write us, call us, get in touch with us.


z.Hd. Wieditz
An der Spitze 21
99439 Berlstedt


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Our Mandate and Vision
There is no way to escape the power and influence of the mega-cities. They have become the ruling societal factors in the world. Cities are the pinnacle of a civilization. Trends, fashions and ideologies are birthed and refined within the streets and towers of the city, eventually spreading to the peoples of the surrounding lands.

If we as Christians are going to be relevant to society by inspiring others to follow us in our faith, and live a fulfilled life in Christ, then it is absolutely critical that we understand today’s challenges that face our cities along with God’s sovereign mercy and solutions to those challenges. To take on your city’s challenges means to embrace the Lord’s will for your city, and to usher in His peace and purposes.

We want to see every aspect of society in Berlin changed through the transformational power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And we want that transformation then affects the rest of the nation of Germany, influences the spiritual realm of Europe and the nations of the world. We want to see the Lord’s work multiplied in other cities around the globe (we want to go, where we are not).

Missions Focus
  • Urban Missions (Inner-city Mercy Ministries): We want to reach the youth and the sub-cultures of the city with time- and theme appropriate programs; such as street dance lessons, sports programs, live music and coffee, etc.
  • Evangelism: We want to be real and tangible to the people!
  • Training: In addition to the Discipleship Training School (DTS), we will offer University of the Nations courses that further our inner-city goals.
  • We want to challenge, train and release young leaders into the city.
  • We want to support the local churches in and around the city of Berlin. We want to pass on the heart, the anointing and the strength that YWAM has to offer.
  • We want to be an example and a catalyst for the cities of Germany and the nations.
 - We want to see our ministries multiplied in the nations.
  • We want to transform Berlin into a city that sends out thousands of missionaries to the ends of the earth, pioneering new ministries, and reaping a great harvest for our Lord.

Jugend mit einer Mission
Schönwalder Str. 21
13347 Berlin

Telefon: 030-55493955
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titelbild1YWAM Hainichen /Saxony

In 1993, five families led by Andreas and Angela Frész moved from YWAM Hurlach into the former GDR in order to pioneer a new YWAM ministry focused on families. After some considerable time of searching a park-like property was bought in the town of Hainichen at the beginning of 1994. Since then renovation of the buildings, particularly the Villa, and development of the property have been an on-going task. In October 2000, the leadership was handed over to Joachim and Silke Faender who grew up originally in this region.