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In 1993, five families led by Andreas and Angela Frész moved from YWAM Hurlach into the former GDR in order to pioneer a new YWAM ministry focused on families. After some considerable time of searching a park-like property was bought in the town of Hainichen at the beginning of 1994. Since then renovation of the buildings, particularly the Villa, and development of the property have been an on-going task. In October 2000, the leadership was handed over to Joachim and Silke Faender who grew up originally in this region.

Since March 2001, Andreas and Angela Frész have been leading YWAM Family Ministry Europe with the vision to multiply and establish YWAM Family Ministry in each country of Europe.


The primary focus of this base is, and was from the beginning, Family Ministries and King's Kids. With the passing of time, a number of other ministries have been added, but the focus on families and young people has remained.


In January 2003, we opened a Christian kindergarten designed to serve as an example for new kindergartens to be started in Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe as well as other Nations. It shall also serve to train educators and preschool teachers


Strong families - motivated youth

We want to strengthen, encourage and enable families and youth to take their place in society.


Overall objectives

  • Family: We develop and multiply models for training and discipleship that correspond to the needs and requirements of the family. With this we want to train and mould families in such a way that a visible difference can be seen and that a godly change takes place in their immediate surroundings.
  • Youth: We offer youth and young adults a platform from which they are encouraged to grow in their identity and calling.
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