University of the Nations
Have you ever wanted to touch the ground where the great reformer Martin Luther lived, or where one of the biggest mission movements, the Moravians, started their mission?
Use the chance and do your DTS in Germany. DTS´s are offered at every YWAM Base in Germany. Just have a look and ask God where He is leading you.
Usually, University of the Nations second level courses offered in Germany are bilingual  -  German / English. So have a look to see how you can continue your studies here in Germany. The following courses are currently offered:
- SBS - School of Biblical Studies - Hurlach
- SBSCC - School of Biblical Study Core Course - Altensteig
- SBCW - School of Biblical Christian Worldview – Hurlach
- SIP - School of Intercessory Prayer – Herrnhut
- SOSM - School of Strategic Mission – Herrnhut
It is planned to offer the following schools in the future:
- Principles of Children and Youth Minitries (PCYM) – Hainichen
- School of Family Ministries – Hainichen

uofnseal.jpgUniversity of the Nations

We believe that the idea of the university comes from God. Who founded the first universities? The monasteries and churches – Christian communities that confessed clearly the value of common learning. Their concept integrated the learning into the common working, living together and corporate worship of God.

We see the university as an institution that is equipping their students for life, that helps them to develop their giftings for their future professional field and that trains as well their characters.

The  U of N (University of the Nations) is the international university of YWAM with the goal to be a muliplier for missions.

The U of N  offers 300 courses in 550 locations and approximately 160 nations. Each branch of study and each course has the goal to instruct the student on a biblical basis in the ways of God and on the other side to train him in the respective study subject.

So they will be able to learn in various ways to reach the people for Jesus and to impact all areas of life with meaningful values.

The following branches of study are being offered:
Arts and Sports, Christian Ministries, Communication, Counseling and Health Care, Erziehung, Humanities and International Studies, Science and Technology. The vision of the  U of N  is to send missionaries from every nation into the geographical and professional mission field – from the remoted bamboo huts to the work in large cities.

More informations about the University of the Nations you find under:

Students and participants of the U of N  cannot receive scholarships or subsidies and need to provide for their own study fees, food and accommodation.