Discipleship Training School

A Discipleship Training School (DTS) will turn your life upside down. Taking part in a DTS will not only widen your horizon, but will also measure and test your character and values on the standards of the Bible. It will enable you to think through whether you really want to make your life available to God. It is a platform for you to dream and to discover what is actually in you and which plans God has for your life. To be a disciple or follower of Jesus is the most exciting and fullfilling thing in life. The DTS offers you an awesome chance to discover this.

The Discipleship Training School (which is offered in YWAM as a 5 to 6 month course) is a registered  U of N  course (DSP 211/212) University of the Nations Upon successful completion, the following opportunities are available to you:

  • To join Youth With A Mission as staff in areas such as development aid, education, child and youth or family work, or other ministries.
  • To pursue a degree through the  U of N, our international university with courses offered on all continents. The  U of N  degrees are internationally acknowledged. Possible are A.A. (Associate of Arts) and A.S. (Associate of Science), B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) or B.S. (Bachelor of Science), and different Master’s programmes.

The DTS is usually offered in all German YWAM locations YWAM Bases For current DTS dates and more information check the particular base websites.

Almost all our courses are bi-lingual (German/English) and conducted with international teachers, staff and students.

The 3 month teaching phase in Germany is followed by a 2-3 month residence in another country. There, the participants will put into practice what they’ve learned and join in projects on-site which could include: child and youth work, family ministries, development aid, church building and evangelism, mercy ministries, and international relations and understanding.