YWAM Altensteig

Know God. Make Him known

Haldenstraße 41
72213 Altensteig
+49 7453 91134

„If you want to see immediate fruit -sow seeds. If you want results in ten years and beyond - plant trees. If you want to influence over generations - build people.“ [unbekannt]

Who we are

Since the work was founded in 1980 we have the desire to see God's love and truth touch lives and change people. Whereever we are we want to make the values of Jesus visible and take part in shaping our society along biblical values.

Besisdes the activities in our region in the Northern Black Forest we have sent out about 40 longterm missionaries in around 20 countries worldwide and support them in their missionary activities.

Our Vision

To see God change people and places.

We want to

  • reach people witrh the gospel of the Kingdom (Matth. 24.14).
  • serve our neighbours.
  • mentor your people and make them fit for their lifes.
  • make a lasting impact through quality work.

The realms of responsibility in our society should be occupied by people of integrity.

For this we motivate and train through:

  • Coaching, mentoring, personal supervision, seminars, preaching and lecturing in churches and courses (DTS) in our location.
„Character is not formed in crises, only exposed.“ [unbekannt]


The work of YWAM began in 1980 and from start with the goal, to take part in shaping our society. Thus we have a long history of events, ministries, initiatives, programs and outreaches all with the same focus. We spare you the list of 40 years of activities - come and join to add.

Today we are a heterogeneous team of young and "maturered" staff all working together to fulfill what Jesus taught us to pray: Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

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